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Porsche Club of Great Britain: Region 4 and the 912 Register annual tour of Lincolnshire and its Wolds.

Porsches O'er t'Wolds

What is it?

In 2009 Region 4 of the Porsche Club of Great Britain organized its first MSA authorised 'Touring Assembly', the Tour of the Wolds' which took participants around the Lincolnshire Wolds.  In subsequent years this event has proved popular and, with the exception of 2012, has run every year since.

The 2014 version is being organised by a new team, hence the new name.  It is also starting from a new venue, the Riseholme Agricultural College of the University of Lincoln, but finishing, as usual, at the Petwood Hotel in Woodhall Spa. The route consists of around 120 miles on mainly B and C class roads, although the occasional A road will appear.

Nowadays it seems that one cannot organize any event unless a 'Risk Assessment' is carried out which emphasises the fact that if anything goes wrong, all bases have been covered. Such a 'Risk Assessment' has been carried out for the Tour and it will be available at the start.

What is a 'Touring Assembly'?

All events held on the public highway are to be authorised by the RAC Motor Sports Association under the auspices of its 'General Competition Rules' (GCRs) and, although not competitive, a Touring Assembly comes under these GCRs. A Touring Assembly is defined as:

"An event organized with the primary object of assembling tourists at a point settled beforehand. In a Touring Assembly a prescribed route may have to be followed. Pre-arranged points may be provided for in the event's itinerary but no limits of speed may be laid down, nor any requirement to visit pre-arranged points, other than a requirement to report at a final point not later than a specified time. The programme of a Touring Assembly may include additional events (other than speed) provided they are held only at the place of final assembly. No prize money may be allocated in respect of Touring Assemblies. A Touring Assembly may not give awards of any description, other than those in relation to activities arranged at the finishing point. The Regulations must clearly be endorsed 'Touring Assembly'. Notwithstanding anything in these Regulations, a Touring Assembly shall be exempt from the general requirements provided inter alia the consent in writing of the MSA and its approval of the regulations for the Touring Assembly have first been obtained..."
(MSA Year Book 2014, Section B, Nomenclature and Definitions.)

Rowena Purdy

Clerk of the Course

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