Porsches at Scampton

Office: +44 (0)1472 399381


Porsche Club of Great Britain: Region 4 and the 912 Register annual tour of Lincolnshire and its Wolds.


The following have already entered:

Driver Navigator Porsche Model Region/912 Register
Norman Milne Jane Milne Boxster S R10
Rodney Spokes Pam Spokes 912 912/R9
David Cartledge J Cartledge 911/991 R11
Charles Marsland Anne Marsland 911 3.2 R25
Kevin Palmer Veronica Palmer 944 R4
Ken Wilson Gill Wilson 997 Turbo R4
Robert Shepherd J Shepherd 997 Targa 4S R7
Cliff Doe Julie Doe 911T R4
Terence Sewell Mary Sewell 996C4 R7
Keith Helliwell Sue Helliwell 993 Targa R4
Paul Jackson Michelle Jackson 356C R4
Joan Payne Jill Payne 997 C2 R4
Ian Birrell Pam Watkinson Boxster R4
Barrie Birch Pauline Birch 911 2.7 R9
Peter Fletcher Janet Fletcher 912 912 / R6
Stuart McKay Laura McKay 944 S2 cab R4
Ray Page Mary Page 911 3.2 R8
Laurence Robinson Emma Robinson 996 C4S R7
Ian Whitwell Shirley Whitwell Boxster R4
Sylvia Stormes Rod Stormes Boxster R4
Jeff Adams Edith Adams 911 C2 R4
Stephen Trolley Jacqueline Trolley Cayman R4
Keith Wilson Jane Wilson 911 3.2 R8
Sue Simpson Lady Penelope Boxster R4
John Hola Jo Hola 911 CS R13

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